long live anxiety

This reading could not have come in a better time for me. May be it’s a coincidence, may be I asked for it. It’s just one of those things that happen to you unexpectedly but you know you are the one who has attracted them…

“Now creating, actualizing one’s possibilities, always involves destructive as well as constructive aspects. It always involves destroying the status quo, destroying old patterns within oneself, progressively destroying what one has clung to from childhood on, and creating new and original forms and ways of living. If you don not do this, you are refusing to avail yourself of possibilities; you are shirking your responsibility to yourself. Every experience of creativity has its potential of aggression or denial toward other persons in one’s environment or towards established patterns. In every experience of creativity something in the past is killed so that something new in the present may be born. Hence, for Kirkegaard, guilt is always a concomitant of anxiety: both are aspects of experiencing and actualizing possibility. The more creative a person, he held, the more anxiety and guilt are potentially present. “The greater the genius, the more profoundly he discovers guilt”.

Rollo May, “The Meaning of Anxiety”


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