before i die

This is my “groceries list”. It is stationed on my fridge. I do notice it all the time and that’s the point. Some of the things on there are so definite I can almost touch them. Others are quite abstract. But they are there…in me.

Here’s part of it:

  • have my own orchid garden
  • go through personal psychoanalysis
  • stay in bed with Stoyan for 48 hours..
  • go to Bhutan
  • experiment with red hair
  • learn Italian
  • be simple
  • scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  • forgive my parents
  • spend time in an old French Castle drinking red wine
  • have my own private practice
  • stay under the rain
  • see Rammstein
  • be there for my son. always.
  • study Jung
  • be more patient
  • learn how to play the piano
  • spend a year in Tibet
  • take a photography class
  • built our “cappuccino” house..
  • live in NYC
  • sleep on the beach
  • get better at yoga, way better
  • get a PhD
  • let go
  • wear an 18 century gown
  • appreciate
  • get a black cat
  • swim with dolphins
  • make it happen.

4 thoughts on “before i die

  1. well, alex, if you start right now, u’ll have enough time to realize all this things above…
    actually I think u’ve already started!!!

  2. naistina nqkoi ot ne6tata moje6 otre utre da si gi napravila, taka 4e davai:)) za drugi 6te trqbva dosta da se poozori6, no taka 6te ti se ulsadqt pove4e:)) Be6e mi mnogo interesno da gi pro4eta i vsu6tnost me vduhnovi i az da se zamislq kakvi sa moite:))

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