a few good reads

Being that it is 42 degrees C (107 F) outside, I am spending the following weeks indoors. There are surprisingly few things that Sami enjoys to do inside, so we are focusing on them…things like building towers of colorful cubes, animal puzzles, books, toilet paper art, jumping on beds and all cushiony surfaces, and the all time favorite-pushing a skateboard around the living room. We try NOT to focus on playing with silverware, namely knifes, remote controls (although we have just one left), mommy’s jewelry and the remains of cell phones (you guessed it, Sami has successfully dismembered both our gadgets, and yes, this is why we are forced to get iphones).

There is, however, and alternative universe that reemerges in here every night around 7 pm. Please, don’t get me wrong. There is absolutely nothing like Sami’s slobber on my shoulder. I will not give that up for the world. The last 20 months have been the most precious and incredible moments that I could ever imagine. But, oh boy, when I give him a bath, read him a story, and kiss him goodnight, I can slowly regain my breath, carefully pour myself a glass of wine and delve into my space. This is the time when I read.

Sleep, baby, sleep.


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