amor fati

Fancy title, Alex. I know.

I have realized that I find myself struggling when I try to express something simple. It is quite ironic, since things are what they are, right? But for me it seems like it is easier to go about something instead of giving it its purest and simplest name. This is why I prefer to use the actual iconic language of established concepts. Here I go again..

Amor fati or this-is-the-way-things-are-meant-to-be is Neitzche’s love for one’s faith. I have always struggled with my own fate, until the moment I decided to just accept it and to love it, to squeeze it and embrace it fully. It is a strange, dark, and at the same time quite simple process. It is an actual participation in my own creation. It is a choice that anyone can make. There is such a sense of joy that comes from participation in your own destiny, no matter how slight it is. It does involve, of course a bitter realization of your own limitations, but still so worth it. Just a recommendation, that is…


2 thoughts on “amor fati

  1. And when you know your limitations that is good as then you can find solutions to them! Ignorance to your limitations is worse isn’t it? As then you can’t go anywhere.

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