This is a list. It is probably the longest one settled in my head. It evolves constantly. Not that it really changes but more things get added. I am still contemplating on whether this is good, bad, unimportant or major. However, I cannot ignore it. Maybe by putting it out there it will shrink. OK, who am I kidding?

My irks, quirks, pet peeves, pains in the tush, and displeasures list (Had to use the synonym generator and what a pleasure! Thank goodness I spared you words such as aggros, botherations, petulances, stews or even chagrins):

  • telemarketers.
  • mustard.
  • content half-idiots who think they got it all figured out.
  • spam mail, especially the actual paper mail in my mailbox. Imagine the waste!
  • weak coffee.
  • “Oh, where is this accent from? Bulgaria? Oh, how nice! So how come you picked Vegas?” THIS conversation. With the bank clerk.
  • reality shows. Do we really need to escape our own reality that much?
  • the last night game conversation. Was it REALLY that good?
  • don’t get me started with the weather conversation…I know it does fall under the umbrella of the “your kids’ school soccer team”, “what you had for dinner”, “how tired you are”,”it’s allergies”, and the very pop one “the recession”.
  • banks.
  • unwanted advises on anything, but man, the ones on how to raise my son are the absolute prizewinners.
  • impudence.
  • hairy armpits. Hey, don’t throw the what-if-they-are-2-inches-away-from-you,-on-a-hot-summer-day,-and-ON-Brad-Pitt gig on me now. I am going to have to throw away all my beliefs.
  • super hyper religious preaching dudes.
  • super hyper preaching dudes.
  • consumerism.
  • Vegas-cocktail-waitress slang. It’s a basic skills language, including mainly: cars, bigger cars, nails, houses, backyards, pools, tanning, cheap bastards, boobs, boobs, bOObs. Well, that is all actually. Been there, done that. Phew.
  • cilantro.
  • slow people and things.
  • McDonald’s everything.
  • tampons. I am VERY old-school.
  • being late. other people being late.
  • GMO’s
  • the sock-with-sandals man. It’s not just the socks, or just the sandals, nor the brilliant combo. It is the particular breed that goes with it. Then again, Brad Pitt certainly goes with anything.

OK, I will totally have to compensate with a happy list soon. ‘Cos complainers are definitely part of the above one.


2 thoughts on “irksomeness

  1. west people seem to be equal everywhere… well, east people are following the trend… it is the worst tragicomedy i’ve ever seen, but that’s democracy. the misunderstood one 🙂
    i’m not wandering anymore… long time ago i ceased thinking about it… no lists!!!
    oh, alex, i’m such a pessimist but i’m sure i’ll love your happy list!!!

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