when one will be no more

My father is dying. Out of cancer.

I have been thinking a lot about death. For eight agonizing months…Its palpable presence is on the back of my mind, always. I have been weak, dumbfounded, but mostly I have been trying to take on a deeply philosophical perspective. Today I came upon these truthful words by A. Schopenhauer:

“…besides life must in any case soon end; so that the few years which perhaps one has yet to be vanish entirely before the endless time when one will be no more. Accordingly it appears to reflection even ludicrous to be so anxious about this span of time to tremble so much if our own life or that of another is in danger, and to compose tragedies the horror of which has its strength in the fear of death. That powerful attachment to life is therefore irrational and blind; it can only be explained from the fact that our own inner nature is itself will to live, to which life must appear as the highest good, however embittered, short, and uncertain it may always be.”

And as I sit here, in my quiet living room, I take a stand to make the most of these precious short moments that I have been given. To grow. Experience. Change. Share. To embrace…


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