the A-B-C’s of pleasure

Becoming a mother has changed my core. It needs so much explaining, then again the simplest definition would be that I am a new person. Yes, many of my interests remain the same. Most of my true friends stayed along my toughest moments. And I am still crazy about following my personal legend, as much as loving coffee and traveling the world.

The world, though, will have to wait.

Because mommy is busy with a leviathan (man, the word alone) of agendas these days. The simplest duties of everyday life have such a new significance. Routine rules the tiniest of detail and the pile of laundry looks sometimes harder than the SPSS functional analysis. And all this is nothing, absolutely nothing when it comes to devoting your ego to someone else. I have to say that deciding to have a child IS indeed deciding to have your heart living outside your own body. Before I completely turn all my carefree girlfriends against the mere idea of conceiving a baby, I have to share this: Motherhood is the most unique, inexplicable, challenging, and Wonderful (as full of wonders) experience EVAH! So go ahead. Fear it. Cos, the more the fear the bigger the amazement! When Sami giggles, feels like a shot or exhilaration  goes straight to my blood circulation and spreads love to all my organs right through my pores. Was that too vivid?

OK, back to earth now. I have become addicted to cooking for Sami, my organic baby. For those of you who have known me for a while, this is a big, I mean BIG new thing for me. Growing in a family where food had no major significance, I have never paid any particular  attention to it. Bring on a sandwich with liuteniza (mmm, one of the bestest Bulgarian inventions, right after the computer; it’s a tomato, pepper spicy spread) and I would be the happiest kiddo on the block; I could survive on watermelon alone during the summer… Well, all that changed when I met my food aficionado husband. I don’t know why and how but we no longer can just have a plain sandwich while kicking back on the couch. Everything has to please the eye, then the pallet, then the stomach. And since I am a firm believer that you are what you eat, I try to eat pretty, healthy and happy things. As simple as that.

Sami’s food then, has to be the prettiest, sweetest, cutest, yummiest in the whole wide world, because it is written all over him. Now, this is the drooling mum talking, that I promised myself never to become. Ding! Another novelty. You have been warned.

I realize that I have been blabbering a lot when all I wanted to say is that I cooked an alphabet breakfast for Sami this morning. It took a good hour to feed him, spelling words for him, and now that he is napping, instead of wiping sticky W’s from the kitchen floor, I decided to share this. S-W-E-E-T!

Bon Apetit!


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