chill out with a hot macchiato

The Forum Shops at Ceaser’s Palace are quite boring, somehow uninviting. But on the third floor, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip there is a small illy shop. It is a peace of Europe, just a tiny corner.

Three little sips and it was gone. Even in drinking coffee one should try to cherish  the moment. There is a whole ritual of enjoying a cup by slowly pressing your lips to the rim, breathing in the rich aroma, licking a tiny foamy speck, and only then taking a small sip. Let the liquid set in for a moment, conquering your whole mouth. Swallow.

Unless, of course, you are a mom and the whole world needs you.


2 thoughts on “chill out with a hot macchiato

  1. my morning coffee break is the best time of the day… i just love it… and i love it more when i get it early when everybody’s sleeping and there is no noise, no move… just me, the coffee and the nature… it’s quite pretty in the summer, the black sea, fresh wind… just me and my coffee!
    so, i share your thoughts!!!

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