clean and simple

I really like a clean and simple home. We both work really hard to avoid clutter. Although many tiny decorative objects are tempting for the eye, we have decided to keep around only things that we really need, or that inspire us.

Oh, well. Guess who again? The one we don’t speak of (this is HIS tribal name for when we go on dates; and of, curse, we always end up speaking of HIM) has brought so much color into our lives. And literally. You cannot make a trip to the restroom before something squeaks under your feet, and oh, the sudden appearance of a lego block from a cooking pot, well, it is no longer sudden. After Sami is safely asleep at night, I go through his toys and put them back in his play room.

However, I find myself taking my time and gently going through whatever his little fingers touched. I smile a lot, by myself. I can see him placing my ipod behind a vase, perfectly aware that this is an illegal activity, or his father’s watch next to the kitchen cleaners.

It is no longer clean in our household. But it is still quite simple. So simple, that I just don’t have words for it. Just a smile.


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