packing our troubles away

We got the packing fever. Now that we are only three weeks away from the Big Trip to Varna, I can be reached from under a brown box in the garage or on weekends, covered in to-do-lists. You guessed it, it is a good time in the Wacko’s residence. Lists, boxes, labels, tape, suitcases with items, organized alphabetically, ranked by timetable and cross-referenced. Just the other night, when we were having wine, way past 9.30, hardly keeping our eyes open, after an exhausting water park with “the one we don’t speak of while we have wine at a date night”, I had the brilliant thought of packing cross my mind. Startled by this sudden urge, I had to immediately jump up and scare my half asleep partner in crime. Next thing you know, we are both throwing boxes around in the sweltering heat of the garage. And kicking it!

We got rid of maybe half of our stuff. And we are about to donate the rest. Man, the relief! This felt like discarding a huge load of emotional garbage we unnecessarily have been holding on for ages . The garage is empty. Hearts are full. The flip side is how on earth does one pack seven years in three suitcases? Because the new air regulation allows you to take along only one suitcase with you. One.

Lately, I have been introduced to the great idea of simplifying and living with the minimum of possessions. It is this great blog that I have been following for the past year and I cannot stop recommending it to friends. It does tell you things that you already know in such an awakening way, it’s like a slap on the cheek. And we do need that, living in the most consumer-oriented country in the world we had our fare share of indulgence. I am sure this was a really good lesson in life. Now we know we can manage on so much less, it is actually quite inspiring once you figure that big consumer hoax out. So pack, unpack, but remember “Don’t get attached to anything you can’t walk out on in 15 minutes”. This is the best line in the movie “Heat”.

So Sami, Stoyan, Alex and, oh my god I almost forgot, Memi ( this is Sami’s buddy, his transitional object, if I may) are off to a good start. I wish it was that easy to forget some things in life too…


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