mama bear

Part of the whole packing process involves going through loads of stuff and ask myself these questions, twice: Do I really really really need this? Could I live without it? And, honestly, it helps a lot when getting rid of the huge stuff. However, the little memory thingies that carry a lot within are really hard to part with. So I have to dig deeper and remind myself that this is only stuff and people don’t need stuff to feel good. Plus, one can always get more stuff in case of a big stuff-needed emergency. It is the memories that I have in me that I can never part with, and this makes the whole process easier and quite cleansing. As a famous zen saying goes “Cluttered home, cluttered mind“.

Here comes the big but. Mama bear needs a lot of stuff for the baby bear to survive, and not only around the house, but especially when we are out and about. My mind has to project itself into the future and predict all possible events that this particular outing shall consist of. Events such as a dirty diaper, water-resistant diaper, sun exposure, cold exposure, draft exposure, a cute photo moment, a sudden falling of a baby bottle on the floor or losing a juice straw. Man, the drama that follows! It does require earplugs, which I do not carry around, unfortunately. Yet.

So, as I was philosophically going through the whole STUFF we are trying to get rid of, I had to pause and look into my diaper bag. The one that has been glued to my back. A good 8-pounder. It is like it has a life of its own.  Amy’s blog was a total inspiration. Again.

Here comes the list of contents:

  1. My super favorite Paul Frank Diaper Bag, thank you for making me feel like live goes on after having a baby by creating such a cool line for mama bears who also enjoy fashion.
  2. My fat Paul Frank wallet, full of cards and pictures, and migraine pills.
  3. a sweet Canon Powershot Sd850. This is one tough guy.
  4. my daily 2-year planner. If I don’t have it around with me the earth will stop spinning and days and nights would get mixed up, and not in the good way.
  5. my poor Sony Ericsson, beaten up by Sami but still holding on to all the music I need, and all the good photos too.
  6. wet ones. ‘Cos you can never have too much sanitizers with a kiddo around.
  7. a Lancome smacker for those special moments that require extra glossing.
  8. spare change. It is there, I know. I see it too. But it disappears when needed. It is a very special spare change.
  9. a hand lotion. We do live in the desert. You forget to put some after washing, you have no hands but mittens.
  10. organic baby sun-block. We both use it and we love it.
  11. 2 diapers. ‘Cos one is NOT enough.
  12. Bumbkin’s bib. My favorite one, it is made from a non-sticky material and it can take a big load of crap before washing.
  13. spoons and forks, and the Elmo bottle. Well, because life is easier with them. Literally.
  14. the Boon snack container. It provides a good minute of silence while Sami is struggling to open it and take out the goodies.
  15. the sock monkey. Isn’t it cute?

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