Moving slowly through the grief, I have moments of sudden light when I realize things that I am utterly glad about. Back in December when I was thorn apart between leaving my little baby and going home to my family in their toughest time, I chose to spend 10 unforgettable days with my father. Although the pain of the moment is incredible, I knew back then that  when I waived him goodbye from the bus in that snowy morning, it was for the last time. We both knew it. I could read it in his eyes and he must have read through mine. I don’t think  I would be nearly as put together right now, not having done this. Way before all the chemo, all the pills, agony, desperation, and worst of all the moments of hope.

This is the place where we were while my father took his last breaths.

I am so glad for this fact since it was the woods that he enjoyed so much, and we had the rare occasion of leaving Vegas for the day and spend it in the mountains. Although I found out hours later, I knew he was there with us.


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