what makes me smile or the “happy list”

In Bulgaria now…but decided to post an old  “draft” to shake off the dust in here.

  • Sami’s laughter
  • a good joke
  • polka dots
  • hot espresso
  • a good old song
  • mountains and rivers
  • Stoyan’s silhouette when he comes to bed, way after I am asleep
  • photographs
  • crispy hotel sheets
  • idiotic comedies
  • ‘tres leches’ cake
  • talking to my grandma
  • a glass of red wine by the fireplace
  • Sami caressing Stoyan’s face
  • old school psychoanalysis
  • macadamia nuts
  • my job
  • taking an early morning yoga class
  • entering the ocean with my clothes on
  • silver vintage rings
  • goat cheese with strawberries and almonds
  • that particular time of the day when it’s not dark yet, but close to
  • my friend Tina
  • Sami saying ‘mama’
  • homemade beans
  • The Office’s Dwight Schrute
  • booking a trip
  • assertive people
  • orchids and tulips
  • the smell of a new book
  • knitting
  • Stoyan’s embrace
  • old school home phones
  • champagne with pizza
  • Sami’s eyes
  • sleeping past 8 am!
  • getting a pedicure
  • frozen yogurt
  • black cats
  • a cloudy day in the desert (or a sunny day in the winter)
  • Pink Floyd
  • green tea
  • movies that move me
  • doing nothing
  • my father’s hands
  • folding Sami’s tiny shirts
  • watermelon
  • calling a friend in the middle of the night
  • small movie projects
  • my ipod
  • cheese fondue
  • my mom’s laughter

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