two Bulgarian weeks

It has been 2 weeks now, since we came to Bulgaria for our summer vacation. So many things have happened, especially when compared to the slow easy and boring life we’ve had in Vegas for the past 2 years. I have to admit having family around is great. You feel connected and in our case the free babysitting is a manna. Plus there’s nothing like a good grandma taking care of your kiddo, you know he will always be spoiled rotten.
On the other hand (and this is a biggie) there is no chance of privacy whatsoever, something that I have always cherished and kept on a big pedestal. Frankly, I need to be left alone with my own thoughts for at least 2 hours daily. Daily. Not biweekly. Needless to explain, you just cannot have it all, Alex!

We somehow managed to fit in so many things in 2 short weeks – go to a little beach getaway on the very South point of Bulgaria for 3 days and meet our great friends there, sleep past 7 am (yes, the jet lag is still around). Also we went to the Northern part of the Bulgarian sea coast with a couple other friends and had a great time at a hidden village, went to the famous sea mussle farm and tried some fancy dishes. On top of everything we managed to get sick. Today is the first day that I am not sneezing, coughing and puking my guts all over my mother-in-law’s toilet. Did you picture THAT?
Those nasty summer viruses are particularly cruel to all foreigners, used to the sterile environment of the bacteria-free, germ-free, fat-free, lactose-free and fun-free world of the States. Presently all our efforts are pointed towards keeping Sami safe and virus-free, and thankfully his little body has not succumbed yet. I believe it’s because of all the love and attention that is pouring in his direction. Good job, handsome!

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