another beginning

Before even realizing it, the quickest 6 weeks ever are almost over and the sand is not even washed away from our feet… This summer has been quite versatile and unbelievably enjoyable. I, of course, expected all of the worst things to fall on us, such as all natural disasters, a sick and grumpy baby, refusing food, sleep and all human necessities which automatically would have unleashed all hell on earth. However some divine circumstances have miraculously occurred and everybody is happy, sleeping and eating well. Stoyan and I did everything, yes, everything from the list that I prepared (who would have thought?!) before coming here to visit all of our favorite spots around Bulgaria. It has been such an active vacation that now we are totally exhausted and in much need of relaxation. Since this will not happen any time soon, I will not even moan about it.
I guess this is my way of sharing my gratitude to all people who contributed.

This coming weekend and probably the whole next week I will be to busy trying British lager and hiding from the rain. Shhh, do not remind me that we have no place to stay…


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