that type

I have been so overwhelmed lately by everything happening all at once that I think I have reached a cracking point. In a few hours we are catching the so longed for plane to Bulgaria and I had spent the whole day on speed, literally. The last 3 hours I had such a big headache that I decided to just lay on the couch and let it all sink in. The good news is the less headache, the bad one – I let myself spiral down in self pity and worries about the future and how is this all going to end up. I was thinking about how unbearable the thought of leaving Sami AGAIN is and I am no longer sure that I can take it. Hoping to get an insight of the right path…or am I the never-fully-satisfied-glass-half-empty type? Really? This is such a hard thing to accept…

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coffee happens…

M-m-mmm. Coffee. It’s one of my most enjoyable daily rituals. These days we explore Manchester’s many artsy coffee shops and each has its own charm. Many things happen over coffee…well, and red wine. Hopefully Sami becomes passionate about these two one day since they play a big role in his creation.

Las’t Vegas

…this is the last photo from Vegas. It took a lot of technique taken into account 4 carry-on’s, a stroller, and a hyper toddler who insisted on watching Elmo when we had to be boarding…Still, a sweet memory. Sometimes, I really really miss my comfy life and its complications such as my huge house, pool, my car, my coffee table, my salt and pepper shakers, all the sea shells that we have collected through our travels, my huge and stoyan-made bed … Bummer! I think people are just twisted and conditioned for always missing this and that, and the whole ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ is a hell of a torment at times.
Well, a positive take on that is the mere realization of all the experiences that we have had and I just know that all those sea shells are imprinted in my heart for ever. Cheers to all those unknown future ones that are to come. And to this morning cup of coffee that is hot, and yummy, and it’s here and it’s now!

month first on the island

Today is the one month’s mark of our life in the UK. So far, Manchester does not disappoint. First impressions are usually the ones I rely on when deciding whether something is good or bad for me. Here comes the list, yes!
1. Nature: check! amazing parks, lakes, canals, screamingly green loans, even random flowers with bright yellow, crimson colours, old old trees, and moss everywhere, even on most buildings
2. Weather: check! after the desert, I guess, everything goes. However, thanks to our never-ending luck we have had blue skies, sun and even 20’s degree temperatures. I might have to reconsider that and exchange luck for global warming. Probably?
3. People: check! Brits are positive, energetic, respectful and they do pay attention to details. Remove the first three there, and you can call me a real Brit.
4. Art and Culture: CHECK! or should I say Two thumbs up? We are so impressed with the variety of subcultures and the freedom to express your self the way you view it. And believe me, after America, you do notice things like freedom. Needless to explain, there’s no such in the States, when it comes to appearance, music, personal hobbies and interests. We have been walking around town and just breathing in diversity. The rest just comes naturally: bookshops, events, underground concerts, zines, fashion stores. No trends, no needs, no commerce. At least, if you choose to.

We are quite satisfied, I gotta admit. The magic is totally in the air. Let’s see how long it will last.

p.s. Today is rainy and cloudy, AND so beautiful.