recollections from the summer

I’ve been having these flashbacks of the romantic trips that Stoyan and I took this last summer. They were much needed after the calamity of moving countries, and some other personal losses.We had came to the conclusion that the most destructive aspect of parenthood (amongst many others) is the absolute lack of time for the two of us. But this is a topic of a whole new post, maybe even a blog…

So. We decided to invest in getaways rather than a counselor. (It did work, by the way) Veliko Tyrnovo, being a place of a great significance for the two of us (Stoyan used to study and live there for a year, back in the days and I would visit him constantly and secretly) was a longed for destination. It did bring out the best of us, I have to admit. It was magical. The only unexpected fact was that we missed Sami tremendously…The irony!


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