month first on the island

Today is the one month’s mark of our life in the UK. So far, Manchester does not disappoint. First impressions are usually the ones I rely on when deciding whether something is good or bad for me. Here comes the list, yes!
1. Nature: check! amazing parks, lakes, canals, screamingly green loans, even random flowers with bright yellow, crimson colours, old old trees, and moss everywhere, even on most buildings
2. Weather: check! after the desert, I guess, everything goes. However, thanks to our never-ending luck we have had blue skies, sun and even 20’s degree temperatures. I might have to reconsider that and exchange luck for global warming. Probably?
3. People: check! Brits are positive, energetic, respectful and they do pay attention to details. Remove the first three there, and you can call me a real Brit.
4. Art and Culture: CHECK! or should I say Two thumbs up? We are so impressed with the variety of subcultures and the freedom to express your self the way you view it. And believe me, after America, you do notice things like freedom. Needless to explain, there’s no such in the States, when it comes to appearance, music, personal hobbies and interests. We have been walking around town and just breathing in diversity. The rest just comes naturally: bookshops, events, underground concerts, zines, fashion stores. No trends, no needs, no commerce. At least, if you choose to.

We are quite satisfied, I gotta admit. The magic is totally in the air. Let’s see how long it will last.

p.s. Today is rainy and cloudy, AND so beautiful.


4 thoughts on “month first on the island

  1. alex,
    i’m so happy to have read this post from you. i’ve never been to america and i’m thinking to go and see how is life going on there, but i admit that i was in love with london and i admit that i can fall in love with manchester too while reading about your impressions.
    i’m so happy for you! keep discovering freedom in europe!!!

  2. Amy, I was planning to start beginning of November, but I will be in Bulgaria and will have to miss the first session. So, I decided to postpone it to a 6-week chunk of time with less school work and when I am in Manchester the whole time…can’t wait really! Glad you like the photos!

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