Las’t Vegas

…this is the last photo from Vegas. It took a lot of technique taken into account 4 carry-on’s, a stroller, and a hyper toddler who insisted on watching Elmo when we had to be boarding…Still, a sweet memory. Sometimes, I really really miss my comfy life and its complications such as my huge house, pool, my car, my coffee table, my salt and pepper shakers, all the sea shells that we have collected through our travels, my huge and stoyan-made bed … Bummer! I think people are just twisted and conditioned for always missing this and that, and the whole ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ is a hell of a torment at times.
Well, a positive take on that is the mere realization of all the experiences that we have had and I just know that all those sea shells are imprinted in my heart for ever. Cheers to all those unknown future ones that are to come. And to this morning cup of coffee that is hot, and yummy, and it’s here and it’s now!


5 thoughts on “Las’t Vegas

  1. I remember the same view outside the window of my plane. There was 30 seconds of mental checking, wondering “Did I forget something? Did I forget to DO something?” And then you realize, that’s just Vegas.

    Did you enjoy living there? I liked the visit, but the vibes out there really threw me off.

  2. I did enjoy some aspects, yes. As both hubby and I worked in the customer service field, we had a lot of money to spoil ourselves and travel the world. We had a good and comfortable life in terms of possessions. As a whole Vegas is NOT a good place to live if you are interested in culture, education, art, and raising a family. The weather sucks, and the people are pure consumers. Of course, with due exceptions!

  3. Slava, be prepared. It’s tough but so worth it. It’s the old homeostasis vs heterostasis dilemma. Only one makes you feel alive, but the other one- -connected to something. It’s a constant cycle!
    btw, where did your comment go?

  4. where is my comment indeed?!?!
    berlin is a good place to live in… almost the prefect one…
    that’s why, i don’t really want to leave, just change of scene for a while…

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