that type

I have been so overwhelmed lately by everything happening all at once that I think I have reached a cracking point. In a few hours we are catching the so longed for plane to Bulgaria and I had spent the whole day on speed, literally. The last 3 hours I had such a big headache that I decided to just lay on the couch and let it all sink in. The good news is the less headache, the bad one – I let myself spiral down in self pity and worries about the future and how is this all going to end up. I was thinking about how unbearable the thought of leaving Sami AGAIN is and I am no longer sure that I can take it. Hoping to get an insight of the right path…or am I the never-fully-satisfied-glass-half-empty type? Really? This is such a hard thing to accept…

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2 thoughts on “that type

  1. dear alex,
    i’m sure u’ll enjoy the time with sami.
    i can imagine how difficult it has to be for u living without him after your time together in the last two years. in this point of view, i think one has to do the right thnig for the child. only you can decide waht the right thing for sami is… if it is to stay with your mum, so u don’t have any choice, u have to bear it. otherwise u should take him with u.
    according to your thoughts and the headache… this is such a problem for our generation… here it is known as “the problem of the 30 years old people”… i still didn’t get how to fight this perturbing train of thoughts…

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