oh, not again

I don’t recall devoting so much time to study and I don’t recall having a mark below a B…I don’t recall a B even. Seriously. You are dealing with a major nerd here, who cries over marks in school, over loosing at Monopoly and i won’t say over what else. The embarrassment of this disclosure is big enough.
Yesterday, we got our first paper back and the grades Stoyan and I got, were…mmmmm, can I say this, can I, in public? Get humiliated? Expose myself? When all my energy goes to cover up my defects…can I just go out here and say I got a 53%? Naaaah! Not worth it. I will just stay here and tell you all about the efforts and time we have both put into this assignment. This Statistics assignment. Wait, yes, we do study Psychology, but the nastiest of it – research. While I have become to realize that research is not where I will be feeding and dressing Sami from, the pain of this insight is too big to handle, so for now I will continue with convincing how great it is to be a scientist, bit the belt, and go on with it. After all there are 2 more assignments on pure statistical hell and they aren’t going anywhere. So, self-pitty, you finished? Cos I have a meta-analysis to run and then I have to face my upcoming 30th. Suck on that, Anova!


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