in moments like these..

..I lose sight of all my goals and all my desires, because there are no words out there to describe the loss that I feel. Stoyan is taking Sami back to Varna…
..the love that has grown in my heart though, could keep me charged for several eternities ahead! As I said, there are no words…

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2 thoughts on “in moments like these..

  1. dear alex,
    i think the most difficult in life is to learn to have a way with concepts like death, loss, fugacity… but if we have built a robust construction, and in my eyes you have a fortress, we maybe can see everything as what it actually is – a circular flow. and we… i don’t know… we are just traces. so at the end there is an endless picture of crossing traces which means that we probably never stop moving and that we hit again and again…
    hug you!

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