some nights

Some nights He suffers from insomnia. “This is a part of the Path”-He ponders.”I was the one who made the decision to follow it”. This sentence contains all his strength. He was the one to decide to go down the rabbit hole, and he stands by it.
P. Koehlo

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enjoying the process

This has been the craziest year of school ever! And I am so not complaining. I actually couldn’t be happier about it, as much effort and struggle it took. Last exam is on Tuesday, and then dissertation is due mid-September (well, actually early August, if you have a busy supervisor who ignores the fact that it is summer, and people need to leave the premises of their desks once in a while, beyond loo-reasons).
I am actually planning to superpull a week, immediately after exams, to work on it, so that I can have a yummy Sami time when he arrives.
What keeps me going is that I do enjoy the process.
And believe me, my second due date is in 8 days!

p.s. Didsbury park @ 23 degrees (a great study location)