call it resilience

I have been so busy and out of here that it is almost ridiculous to complain. As time goes by and we all adjust and re-adjust to our new lifestyle, many stressors have re-emerged, but many have been conquered. At the end of the day, when I crash on the couch (read around 8.45 pm) I take a brief look at what the vanishing day, and I am usually a tiny bit proud that we’ve made through another chaos. Sami has been adjusting to the UK life with joy, and we had been adjusting to being back to full-time parents, full-time scholars, and full-time present!

It has been challenging and needless to say, I had been under the water many times. But all this is teaching me among so many other things, how to be resilient. I have come to realize that it is OK sometimes to just take life as it comes. And believe me, life does not stop presenting me with sweet surprises.

It is quite inspiring to see that you can make it no matter what!


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