never, ever, ever…ever

As with most of my latest birthdays, I was not much excited about this one. It seems like this Saturn hole that is known to influence people about 40 days before their celebrations, has been a real life sucker! But also, I think my emotions have been riding the craziest of rides these days…After getting the feedback for my dissertation and somehow miraculously having aced a mark that, to quote the program administrator “we have never, ever…you see, never, ever, ever…seen in the department” I was seriously considering flying off to the moon and back only on the energy one can get from inner smiling. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT?

So this was some news, I tell ya! The added award for outstanding performance made it all real.

And then Sami started nursery…One day a week. 1. We’ve been prepping him for over a month, and taking him to visits there, where he was initially super hyped. However, when the moment to be on his own arrived, he just couldn’t handle it. Imagine how I handled it. You guessed it – Poorly! Well, it is a process and we all shall learn and I know it…

For all I know, I had a really really good birthday this year. Again. Thank you, my love!


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