likes, again

It must be the categorizing mind in me that vehemently tries to put everything under its correct denominator. I am going with it, ‘cos it feels good. So here are the latest likes:

-organic spinach
-chunky winter booties
-fat scarves
-music from Brazil
-raw almonds
-Sami’s hands (they have grown so much)
-early morning mindful meditation (currently Mark WIlliams’ and Jon Kabat-Zin’s)
-2 pairs of sleep socks (it’s Manchester!)
-L’occitane’s lavender and rice line
-brewing coffee really slowly and dreaming of the perfect kitchen where I will have a whole coffee corner, with a mill, paper rolls and an espresso machine
-yoga and actually the treadmill (a longtime enemy, which I had befriended recently)
-Anorak magazine
-matte nail polish
-recycling (everything!)
-Sami’s breath while sleeping
-work (Yes, I love what I do and cannot wait to be back on my desk)
-tea (new appreciation for herbs and spices, it must be the UK influence)
-Stoyan’s to die for cooking
-oversized bags
-oversized tunics
-the oversized love I feel for my boys
-my body art
-my grandparents
-fresh squeezed carrot juice
-carob cake
-taking photos
-France, France, France
-exciting new projects (more about this soon)

wrapping up the 2011 happy

In a nut shell, I’ve had a tough year. No time to get bored and complacent…Not because I had no successes or happiness, but mostly because I was constantly challenged by either the circumstances or by myself.
The things I am most grateful for in 2011:

-Sami’s finally with us, after an on and off period for the winter of 2010-2011, while we were attending lectures.

-I got to meet the most influential, to me, figure in the field of what I do. She is a mother of 5, a world-renowned lecturer, a grandma, a cat-lover, a true Londoner, a prolific author, and the cutest 60-year old lady who invited me in her home, baked a cake for me and drove me to my train with her tiny granny ford…all this while inspiring me tremendously.

-got a Master’s and unlike in my Bachelor’s, managed to attend my graduation. The best part yet: the 3 most important people in my life were there with me. The award for my dissertation was the icing on the cake!

-got an unconditional offer for a Doctorate.

-managed to devote more time to Mindful Meditation and Yoga.

-made two really genuine friends and let go of the mediocre relationships in my life.

-enjoyed Liverpool’s best coffee; York’s Medieval charm; French desserts, wine, croissants, and the most romantic moments of the year; Spanish tapas, Gaudi’s out-of-this-world genius, Dali’s amazing sense of humor, precision and depth; the the blessing of sun-infused pristine beaches.

-signed my first book contract, for 2 chapters. Thrilling!

-began feeling a bit homey, here on the rainy island.

-introduced Sami to the social world…nurseries, clubs and art classes and he has friends now!

-absolutely enjoyed a gourmet cuisine at home every single day thanks to my personal chef (a separate Thank you post is going in his direction).

-had my mum over for Christmas. Planning my grandparents visit too.

-was in awe for the English countryside, their academic and health system, and their perseverance in finding true happiness DESPITE the miserable weather they are cursed with.

With the year rolling away, many projects are under way, but as I’ve said earlier, all I hope for these days, is patience!PATIENCE AND PEACE …and some more of those French mornings.

Hope you all DREAM BIG in 2012.


the spirit

My mum has been here for the past 2 weeks…for our graduation, for Christmas, for Sami, and last but not least, so that Stoyan and I could escape somewhere in the rainy countryside. It has been so nice and I am sad to let her go in a couple of days.

We had an amazing day, just the 2 of us, hopping cafes and chatting.


This is the Christmas miracle that I am hoping for my family and for myself. And miracles do happen on Christmas.

Have some sweet and warm holidays!

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