likes, again

It must be the categorizing mind in me that vehemently tries to put everything under its correct denominator. I am going with it, ‘cos it feels good. So here are the latest likes:

-organic spinach
-chunky winter booties
-fat scarves
-music from Brazil
-raw almonds
-Sami’s hands (they have grown so much)
-early morning mindful meditation (currently Mark WIlliams’ and Jon Kabat-Zin’s)
-2 pairs of sleep socks (it’s Manchester!)
-L’occitane’s lavender and rice line
-brewing coffee really slowly and dreaming of the perfect kitchen where I will have a whole coffee corner, with a mill, paper rolls and an espresso machine
-yoga and actually the treadmill (a longtime enemy, which I had befriended recently)
-Anorak magazine
-matte nail polish
-recycling (everything!)
-Sami’s breath while sleeping
-work (Yes, I love what I do and cannot wait to be back on my desk)
-tea (new appreciation for herbs and spices, it must be the UK influence)
-Stoyan’s to die for cooking
-oversized bags
-oversized tunics
-the oversized love I feel for my boys
-my body art
-my grandparents
-fresh squeezed carrot juice
-carob cake
-taking photos
-France, France, France
-exciting new projects (more about this soon)


2 thoughts on “likes, again

  1. I love your texts, alex. Keep on writing. I hope the new year will be more organic, exciting, smiling, exploring, interesting… for you and your family! Hugs!

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