and the dislikes, of course

Things that I am just fed up with (I think that it is not really the actual things themselves, it is their constant presence, that totally does it for me):

-Sami’s tantrums (these are piling up like dirty laundry!) Lil guy is on a roll to become his own self. Oh my, did I have the wrong idea what parenting really is?!?!

-mold and humidity (eek, so English!)

-colorants, preservatives, BPA, and all the crap that lurks in food (really trying to stick with home-made, local and organic produce)

-not having ANY help with babysitting (this one is major, as for the past six months, Stoyan and I have not been out for the evening. Thank goodness, my mum was just here for a couple of weeks)

-my anger (again, it is good in small portions and occasionally; but lately it is invading bigger and brighter parts of myself)

-chips and crisps, Everywhere! (as much as I adore junk salty food, I really try to stay away. I mean Really! Unfortunately, England is all about oil, morning, lunch and dinner! You see babies being fed crisps on the bus; empty, greasy bags flying all over the streets and getting stuck in between your legs; overweight 60-year-old’s shoving massive handfuls, day in and day out. It is absolutely outrageous!)


-no milk in the fridge, after you’ve just prepped the perfect bowl of muesli for breakfast

-raw broccoli

-the chauvinists some Brits are

-rrrrrr-rain (man, did we pull the short straw with that one!)

-the lack of spontaneity (this goes hand in hand with the lack of help with Sami…I hate the fact that we are stuck and we cannot just pack a bag and leave in the middle of the night for a long weekend in bed…ahhhhh, those were the days)
-bad coffee (especially, if you’ve just paid £2.50 for a cup)

-the fact that a take away plastic cup of coffee (yak) costs you less that a stay-in one (what a wasteful world)

-rude waiters (all over Europe; I guess Stoyan and I are really brainwashed when it comes to proper service after living in the mecca of ass-licking customer service Vegas for so long, but it is a definite party pooper)

-violent child’s story books (Bulgarian traditional stories have been long forbidden in our house, but we constantly have to censor the language that most kid’s books are filled with)

-mustard, wasabi, cilantro and ginger

I better stop with this list before if overshadows the likes one.

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