Sticking to no dairy has been a resolution I indeed have kept for the past 3 years, with some major wrongdoings, while in France. But you know…what happens in France stays in France (and miraculously, on my thighs, and hips, and stomach…anybody else, hearing the treadmill shouting?!).

So, here we go…being 95%ish vegan. What did it take:

-switching to soy (only organic), oat and rice milk for our breakfast and Stoyan’s coffee. I still enjoy mine BLACK! (here’s where I do fail sometimes…the dollop of freshly steamed foam on my espresso, when I have coffee someplace nice, ‘cos again, someplace nice is a whole niceness of the experience)

-olive oil spread instead of butter (or just no butter for me)

-crushed almonds or cashew make the perfect cheese crust for cheese-crust emergencies, such as pizzas, moussaka, or even baked potatoes

-dark chocolate (above 74 % cocoa, so no milk) or even just a cup of hot cocoa (found the best fair-trade organic, and somewhat pricey-but-at-least-you-know-why kind at the local wholefoods store) made with oat milk and raw brown sugar

-new cheese platters to go with wine (Ok, this is the toughest one! You add apple slices, figs, jams and chutney, nuts and carrots, humus and dips…but yet, something’s missing) So, you find a new reason to visit France where this list is burned and buried deep down your tightening jean’s back pockets, and then you dig it out on the plane, and you go back to life.

And actually life is NOT THAT BAD, when you share your bed (and kitchen) with a gourmet chef, who genuinely embraces your remourses and drowns them in a tasty baked parsnip cream soup, garnished with a zesty spinach-leafy greens salad with seeds and a yummy balsamic dressing.


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