true treats…and so healthy!

Today, while Stoyan was away doing his voluntary work, I ventured in the kitchen. This is his space, his scene….his abode. My role there is usually limited to doing the dishes, unloading groceries, and randomly working as a sous-chef, chopping up all ingredients and setting the stage for the master. Occasionally, I cook boring casseroles and soups…


But today, I was inspired! Healthy and yummy can be a tricky combination, especially for mere sous-chefs, you know. Here is the incredibly easy, guilt-free, raw, and yum-full recipe for these bonbons:

For 15 pieces, you will need to put all these in the blender (see, easy):

– half a coconut

– half a cup and some of sesame seeds

– 3 teaspoonfuls of linseads

– 3 teaspoonfuls of sunflower seeds

– 2-3 pitted dates or raisins

– a pinch of raw cocoa powder

– one and some banana

– the juice of half a lemon

Blend until a sticky substance, make into balls and roll in coconut flesh! Serve (try to take a photo, if you can) and savour!




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