18th of May!

Celebrating 14 years of laughter and tears, joy and boredom, love and fears, screams and smiles, many many travels, adventures, ups and downs, black and whites, greys and rainbows, wine and coffee, beaches and mountains, lakes and forests, friends and family, concerts and scrabble, Friends and The Office, bibs and diapers, desert and rain…ALWAYS TOGETHER!



let go and be aware

“The astonishing thing, so counter-intuitive, is that nothing else needs to happen. We can give up trying to make something special occur. In letting go of wanting something special to occur, maybe we can realize that something very special is already occurring, and is always occurring, namely life merging in each moment as awareness itself”. (John Kabat-Zinn)

be kind to self

“In fact, striving can rapidly become counterproductive. Keeping this in mind, we will be more inclined to remember to be kind and gentle with ourselves, relaxed, accepting, and clear even in the face of turmoil in the mind of the world”. (copied from a place I do not recall…)

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la familia

My grandparents came to visit for 10 days. They loved Manchester. We even visited my favorite York. I am really glad we had them over but I am also super relieved to be back to sleeping on my own bed…family is good but needs to be taken in the proper amount for no longer than a weekend :))


gastronomie (Paris II)

my most favorite cherry tomatoes, from the local market…
bio Bordeaux from the local wine store… (no migraine, even at risky times and risky amounts)
organic apricots jam; both cheeses are goat, local produce from the market…the combination with fresh endives and raw hazelnuts – to die for!
the famous macaroons that Stoyan’s cousin had made the day before on a special class. the flavours were chocolate, vanilla bean and coffee! no words!
from the Tuesday market, we got fresh prawns and Stoyan cooked them with white wine, garlic and parsley. honestly, writing about this and reminiscing makes me want to get on that plane to Paris right this moment
a treat that we love, with champagne, of course!
mine is always chocolate and coffee, his is always dark and white chocolate. perfect harmony!

Vulnerableness's Blog

Albeit the way I look on the photo, I am quite satisfied with my latest acquisition…to be continued soon. The pain is well known by now, however the excitement of perpetuating the present moment is beyond worthy.

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