gimme that caffeine

The last 3 weeks have been beyond exciting!

Actually as much exciting as challenging.

Actually, it has been so stressful that we are on a safety mode most of the time. Starting a life has never been easy for us. This having been our 4th move, you would think we now have a knack for how things work. Well, yes and no…

The truth is that once you have experienced quite a few house hunts, car inspections, coffee machine and glasswear searches, let alone dealing with institutions, such as banks, phone operators, medical insurance, child care, university clerks and so on, you become quite selective, picky… if I may say.

You know what you want and what to look for, and you know that it can always be better if you give it a bit more of your time, a bit more of your energy. If you sacrifice endless hours on the internet researching what is the best way to get from point A to point C you believe you are securing a better deal. One with minimum losses, maximum gains, and of course all according to Sami’s schedule of rituals, such as a morning play at the park, riding a scooter, having a snack (at a certain time and certain kind), taking an afternoon nap, playing with puzzles, cars, reading a book…………..the list is endless, and in order to keep him happy (which almost always guarantees our sanity) we have to go by his rules.

Needless to say most institutions do not follow Sami’s rules, which I guess should be put immediately on their customers’ comments boxes.

Yeah, all this was just venting on how stress is taking over, and we are bulking up on emotional fillers! And these are the best kinds!


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