tears, pouring down on my tea today…



we have never been one of the ‘9 to 5’ers, so having just the weekend to be together is something we are unfamiliar with. I miss having Stoyan around but so glad with his success so so far this is working. we really did some enjoyable things this weekend. we even squeezed some time to have a picnic at a forest close to Brisbane. Stoyan and Sami even took a boat along the river while I caught up with some work right before our Sunday dinner.


Yesterday I had the most inspiring talk in a long while with my mentor and supervisor. After that we had pizza with the boys at a piano bar on campus! I also did yoga while wearing a dress (don’t ask). What a great way to start my doctorate! I can actually express my OWN passion in this project and do just that – create!

I couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities that I am given. I am a true believer in FIRSTS and I put lots of energy ensuring that whatever we do for the 1st time forbears a special meaning. Things like Sami’s first movement in my belly, his first smile, his first questions, his first book, drawing, his first plane ride, his first country to travel to or to live in,…I keep a diary of all our important firsts and we usually toast them regularly.

Here is to a magnificent one!