the culture shock

yes, this time around the culture shock is definitely present. I do not remember having one when we moved to America, I did not have one for sure 2 years ago when we set foot on the rainy island, at on its rainiest spot – Manchesta!

things that shocked me and keep having an impact 4 months after we’ve settled into the land down under:
– wildlife: jumping, flying, screaming and screeching all over the place (not in parks or zoos only, but also when sipping wine on the veranda)
– heat, or more likely the burning of any uncovered skin the second the sun hits it. I have now acquired a huge stash of all organic, bio, natural, zinc-rich sun-protection lotions that are from local producers. We go through a tube every week, and even Sami now has the habit of applying it (it is a big thing here, and all child care centers follow strict instructions on not allowing kids outside unless they have lotion and a wide-brimmed hat)
-and my favorite one would be a hot Christmas! No rich hearthy meals, red wine, gloves and fireplaces, no chestnuts roasting on the open fire…. (obviously STILL Christmas songs! poor Stoyan), but mangoes, cherries, cold dishes, with zesty citrussy flavors, sparkling wines, and oh yeah…watermelon! Not sure if I can always like that, because I really really enjoy the coziness of a white Christmas, thick socks, and hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, but for now, this change is totally invigorating! Zesty!

p.s. Did I mention the 5 Christmas parties I’ve been to so far??! And it is only the 20th. At least the world ends tomorrow and I will be able to catch up on some sleep and some exciting house projects.
Awee, and a date with Stoyan!