how we treat a cold

When you have a toddler who brings you fresh batches of viruses and Aussie bacteria, when you are coming from the other end of the world and are used to your own kind of bacteria, when you spend the day talking to people or traveling on public transportation (which in Brisbane is more like a mini holiday as I take a 1-hour ferry once a week to visit my favorite UQ campus – St Lucia), it is inevitable that you will end up with a cold!

Can’t help it. No amount of hand-washing, sick people-avoidance, and then more hand-washing will help you. Cos there is the entire predisposing factor of daily stress that gets in the way. As I said, you have a toddler, and your stress level is unmeasurable, lack of sleep – check, and all sorts of unhealthy habits start to creep in your routine…to prep you nicely for the newest batch of flu.

Guess what though? No time to lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. So we just try to stick to a more relaxed schedule, sleep a bit more (like past 5.30 am, all the way until 6, while Sami is finding ways to entertain himself), overdo it on tea, squeezed lemon juice, tons of garlic, chillies on everything, Manuka honey, cinnamon, and fresh fruit! Oh, and don’t underestimate the healing power of good music and laughter!







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