day 7 from the hermits

While, luckily Sami has been feeling better for the past 2 days, I still decided to keep him home and baby him! What a great regression to babyhood for both of us, by the way…

I have tried to cheer up the house and while he is napping to get some writing done.



Last night we had a gorgeous dinner, and the night before a mock up “romantic night out” on our balcony.. I believe lotsa healing of the body starts with a happy and cheerful heart!



Stay happy and healthy!


earth dinner

Stoyan and I prepared an earthy, vegan meal from roots only for dinner: baked sweet potato chips, and a fresh grated salad with purple (tasmanian) carrots, radish, regular carrots, and beetroot, slightly seasoned with lemon, olive oil and Hymalian salt. Outstanding!


“Most of the knowledge and much of the genius of the research worker lie behind their selection of what is worth observing. It is a crucial choice, often determining the success or failure of months of work, often differentiating the brilliant discoverer from the … plodder”. Alan Gregg, former director of Medical Sciences for the Rockefeller Foundation

I am currently in the mids of 2 systematic reviews, collecting and summarizing what’s out there in the area of my research, and quite honestly I can admit that I couldn’t be further from brilliance! I am beginning to realize that when it comes to critical thinking you either have it or not, and it is not something one acquires with experience…

words from today

date. special. early. rushed. cockatoos. tea. shop. stroll. fat chips. lager. kiss. kiss more. gallery.noise. yellow. blue. LPs. home. grump. dark. pick up. alone. ocean. ship. dream. macadamia. jazz. happens…

mount Coot-tha’s cake

Within Brisbane, there are so many hidden gems: hikes, trails, parks, creeks, forests, and even a true beach overlooking the river.

We did a small, toddler-friendly hike today that took about an hour up hill to reach the summit, where luckily there was not only a breath-taking view of Brisbane but most importantly – an ice-cream place! Sami, of course, insisted on getting cake rather than the promised ice-cream…













Vulnerableness's Blog

Spending the most of my 20’s in sin city has been a true roller-coaster. Maybe because it was my 20’s and many things do happen in life while at that age, maybe because it is the city that never sleeps…but by the bags under my eyes you can tell I did live here! Man, the things we went through! I can just spread my mind on a table and start throwing random memories around. Sweet, bitter, sour…all tastes.

I clearly remember the day we arrived. It was dark and we have been driving from LA after 2 days of flying around the globe to get there. Bushes after bushes of thorny desert vegetation and hours of delirious state of mind could not have averted us from being amazed at the grandeur of million bright lights, fusing colors and constant motion. This phase lasted a whole  oblivious month. We surrendered to…

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