the new thing called sleepovers

hm, where do I start? maybe with my old-school upbringing that did not recognize sleeping at someone else’s bed before all other options of staying home have been exhausted – like moving to another city to go to college for example?? And when there, you are still supposed to stick to your bed! or, as it was with stoyan and I when we lived together as students – you stick to your side of the bed. period.






little did we know about the sweetness and advantages of sleepovers, and I am not even talking about us! A four and a half years old toddler, who struggles to dress himself still, turns into an exemplary child with perfect manners and a routine, saying please and thank you, and even wiping his tush successfully! All that, when he had a sleepover at his girlfriend’s (am I actually typing all this?!) from kindergarten. They are best buds and the cutest to look at, and while they are working on their fond friendship, mummy and daddy are working on exploring Brisbane at night, having a drink at the movies, talking with no interruption…wait did I say talking….I meant doing everything with no interruption – walking, holding hands, following a film, going to a restaurant, having a coffee in silence, etcetera……
Everybody had the best time! So parents out there, especially those who live with no family around, embrace sleepovers, and enjoy yourselves!