oh the 30s

an era I would have loved living in….

here’s to 1930s – dressing up and going to the theater.







This “Letter to boys” that an uncle wrote to his nephews resonated deeply with me. Sharing a small piece with you:

“The company you avoid defines you.
Eliminating people gently, discreetly, is an art, and you must learn this early on. Otherwise too much of your adult life will be devoted to avoiding people you do not like, and not enough of your hours can be spent with the ones you love”

I would add: Flush regularly your nose passages and your cluttered relationships.
Make sure your energy flows easily around you and the people you share your life with.
Clean your desk, your cupboards. Give away the stuff you don’t need or use daily. Relinquish burdensome friendships. Keep the main thing, the main thing. Empty your inner (and outer) house and your heart will be full!