camping in Bulgaria

the 7 Rila lakes, the 9-hour hike

Bulgaria is so beautiful!

her majesty, Rila

the new kind of beach time

Yeah, beach time is no longer a symbol of relaxing under the umbrella with a book and a cocktail and taking a dip in between your naps. The new black is beach time with kids, a.k.a running around a sand covered toddler with all things that could be inflated, building sand castles and eating crunchy sandy peaches 🙂

just about a year ago…

…we drove to my grandma’s village, which is north from our home town, Varna. It was a beautiful and crispy winter day; all was covered in silver specks…trees and the soil. Breathtaking and rather ominous. As soon as I saw her, my maminka, I knew this would be our last meeting. At least in this life. Ten days later she passed away. She could not bear the thought of burying her child. I had to live with that…as it was my duty to bury my father.