the new thing called sleepovers

hm, where do I start? maybe with my old-school upbringing that did not recognize sleeping at someone else’s bed before all other options of staying home have been exhausted – like moving to another city to go to college for example?? And when there, you are still supposed to stick to your bed! or, as it was with stoyan and I when we lived together as students – you stick to your side of the bed. period.






little did we know about the sweetness and advantages of sleepovers, and I am not even talking about us! A four and a half years old toddler, who struggles to dress himself still, turns into an exemplary child with perfect manners and a routine, saying please and thank you, and even wiping his tush successfully! All that, when he had a sleepover at his girlfriend’s (am I actually typing all this?!) from kindergarten. They are best buds and the cutest to look at, and while they are working on their fond friendship, mummy and daddy are working on exploring Brisbane at night, having a drink at the movies, talking with no interruption…wait did I say talking….I meant doing everything with no interruption – walking, holding hands, following a film, going to a restaurant, having a coffee in silence, etcetera……
Everybody had the best time! So parents out there, especially those who live with no family around, embrace sleepovers, and enjoy yourselves!

date thursdays

we feel like little thieves every Thursday morning when we drop off Sami to kindy, and instead of heading to the office, we head to… a date! No lipstick and heels, no fine dinner and bubbly, no dancing and midnight swims…those are long forgotten (for now, until Sami is off to college calling his parents on the weekend only to get to their voice mail, a-haa!).

We now go for a much humbler experience. A minute or two of uninterrupted coffee. We order, we sit, we wait, we gaze at each other, filled with the effort of recognizing and slowly remembering WHO that person was, how their hands felt, what their voice was, and then we are just walking and talking, and then some more talking. We sometimes have lunch, we sometimes have a picnic by the river, we go watch a movie. We even had a couple’s massage.
Then Stoyan goes for a late shift at the emptying campus. I pick Sami up, holding him a tad stronger, sniffing his hair a tad longer.

these are our date days. we like them.














mount Coot-tha’s cake

Within Brisbane, there are so many hidden gems: hikes, trails, parks, creeks, forests, and even a true beach overlooking the river.

We did a small, toddler-friendly hike today that took about an hour up hill to reach the summit, where luckily there was not only a breath-taking view of Brisbane but most importantly – an ice-cream place! Sami, of course, insisted on getting cake rather than the promised ice-cream…














we have never been one of the ‘9 to 5’ers, so having just the weekend to be together is something we are unfamiliar with. I miss having Stoyan around but so glad with his success so so far this is working. we really did some enjoyable things this weekend. we even squeezed some time to have a picnic at a forest close to Brisbane. Stoyan and Sami even took a boat along the river while I caught up with some work right before our Sunday dinner.

gimme that caffeine

The last 3 weeks have been beyond exciting!

Actually as much exciting as challenging.

Actually, it has been so stressful that we are on a safety mode most of the time. Starting a life has never been easy for us. This having been our 4th move, you would think we now have a knack for how things work. Well, yes and no…

The truth is that once you have experienced quite a few house hunts, car inspections, coffee machine and glasswear searches, let alone dealing with institutions, such as banks, phone operators, medical insurance, child care, university clerks and so on, you become quite selective, picky… if I may say.

You know what you want and what to look for, and you know that it can always be better if you give it a bit more of your time, a bit more of your energy. If you sacrifice endless hours on the internet researching what is the best way to get from point A to point C you believe you are securing a better deal. One with minimum losses, maximum gains, and of course all according to Sami’s schedule of rituals, such as a morning play at the park, riding a scooter, having a snack (at a certain time and certain kind), taking an afternoon nap, playing with puzzles, cars, reading a book…………..the list is endless, and in order to keep him happy (which almost always guarantees our sanity) we have to go by his rules.

Needless to say most institutions do not follow Sami’s rules, which I guess should be put immediately on their customers’ comments boxes.

Yeah, all this was just venting on how stress is taking over, and we are bulking up on emotional fillers! And these are the best kinds!