sun equals happiness, and that’s a fact in the UK

Seems like when the weather is nice EVERYBODY leaves their business and relocates to the nearest park, garden, patch of grass or just open space under the sun. Parks are jammed, beer and bbq coal disappear from all shops with the speed of light, sunshine that is. Last year, we hardly understood what this fuss was all about. Now we know.

Now. We. know. And we make sure we get to the park first, armed with all picnic paraphernalia, which patiently awaits these exact moments to fulfill its destiny. So in the 1 good week, to be exact, the 10 sunny and warm days that this year offered to the poor Mancunians, we did take a full advantage. Plans were made by the day (as there is no such thing as planning in advance, I tell you, those clouds are quicker than my mind!) and lunch was packed quickly (usually a healthy sandwich, a box of home made salad, cut fruit, beer, croissants, nuts, fresh squeezed juice, etc). For a fancy day at the park, we would have fresh fish, on skewers, bread rolls (ah, so yummy when done on the fire) and plenty of toys for Sami, who runs around like a wild beast on the highly populated lawn.

Now that the rain has taken over the island and over our hearts, we are left with the nice memories of hanging out with friends in the sun, and with the even nicer tingling expectation of what’s to come…

Hebden Bridge day trip

The UK weather has decided to impress us and right before we leave the rainy island we’ve started to truly enjoy everything that the countryside can offer. We took a trip on the train from Manchester to Hebden Bridge (a deal of 26 pounds for 4 return tickets, and a brief and kid-friendly journey of 45 minutes) and cherished the 26 degrees of sunshine and crispy breeze. Bliss!

la familia

My grandparents came to visit for 10 days. They loved Manchester. We even visited my favorite York. I am really glad we had them over but I am also super relieved to be back to sleeping on my own bed…family is good but needs to be taken in the proper amount for no longer than a weekend :))


princess times

Today is quite the princess-y day for me, and all vanity aside, I LOVE IT!

Woke up to hot croissants that the boys had gotten for breakfast, along with these spring beauties

Stoyan cooked an amazing quinoa casserole with vegetables and all kind of secret ingredients, which I am having right now with a glass of French Bordeaux, while enjoying Stoyan’s latest publication. AND THERE IS SUNSHINE over Manchester today!

The boys went to find a new rucksack for Sami. Just got a message that the mission is accomplished and we are now proud owners of a frog, which Sami had preferred over all other choices. Happy with my amphibian lover 🙂 Cannot wait to have them back home soon.

p.s. I am also going to a girls movie and pizza night out tonight! Can this get any better??!!

WAIT. YES. Did I mention we are leaving for Paris in a couple of days? AWEEE, NO I DID NOT!