18th of May!

Celebrating 14 years of laughter and tears, joy and boredom, love and fears, screams and smiles, many many travels, adventures, ups and downs, black and whites, greys and rainbows, wine and coffee, beaches and mountains, lakes and forests, friends and family, concerts and scrabble, Friends and The Office, bibs and diapers, desert and rain…ALWAYS TOGETHER!



gastronomie (Paris II)

my most favorite cherry tomatoes, from the local market…
bio Bordeaux from the local wine store… (no migraine, even at risky times and risky amounts)
organic apricots jam; both cheeses are goat, local produce from the market…the combination with fresh endives and raw hazelnuts – to die for!
the famous macaroons that Stoyan’s cousin had made the day before on a special class. the flavours were chocolate, vanilla bean and coffee! no words!
from the Tuesday market, we got fresh prawns and Stoyan cooked them with white wine, garlic and parsley. honestly, writing about this and reminiscing makes me want to get on that plane to Paris right this moment
a treat that we love, with champagne, of course!
mine is always chocolate and coffee, his is always dark and white chocolate. perfect harmony!

princess times

Today is quite the princess-y day for me, and all vanity aside, I LOVE IT!

Woke up to hot croissants that the boys had gotten for breakfast, along with these spring beauties

Stoyan cooked an amazing quinoa casserole with vegetables and all kind of secret ingredients, which I am having right now with a glass of French Bordeaux, while enjoying Stoyan’s latest publication. AND THERE IS SUNSHINE over Manchester today!

The boys went to find a new rucksack for Sami. Just got a message that the mission is accomplished and we are now proud owners of a frog, which Sami had preferred over all other choices. Happy with my amphibian lover 🙂 Cannot wait to have them back home soon.

p.s. I am also going to a girls movie and pizza night out tonight! Can this get any better??!!

WAIT. YES. Did I mention we are leaving for Paris in a couple of days? AWEEE, NO I DID NOT!

recollections from the summer

I’ve been having these flashbacks of the romantic trips that Stoyan and I took this last summer. They were much needed after the calamity of moving countries, and some other personal losses.We had came to the conclusion that the most destructive aspect of parenthood (amongst many others) is the absolute lack of time for the two of us. But this is a topic of a whole new post, maybe even a blog…

So. We decided to invest in getaways rather than a counselor. (It did work, by the way) Veliko Tyrnovo, being a place of a great significance for the two of us (Stoyan used to study and live there for a year, back in the days and I would visit him constantly and secretly) was a longed for destination. It did bring out the best of us, I have to admit. It was magical. The only unexpected fact was that we missed Sami tremendously…The irony!