the latest brekky on the block – acai bowl

I have been contemplating for awhile to go back to having breakfast (the most important meal of the day, right) although I had noticed that on the days I used to eat a meal (and not just a fruit or something) before lunch, I would get viciously hungry around 10am, then 11am and then be ready for a big lunch meal.

The last 2 weeks though have been delicious and surprisingly filling. As you probably have seen the latest craze in health food recipes and blogs – the acai bawl.

It comes in different shapes and tastes and can be really adjusted to all diets, but the most essential part is the acai berry known for its antioxidant qualities.

I use the dried frozen acai berry from RioLife, and I add the following to the blender:

– 1 packet acai, run it under hot water for 25 seconds
– half a cup of coconut water
– 1 banana (frozen or not)
– 2-3 tbsp chia seeds
– 2 dates (if I need the extra sweet taste)
– 1 tbsp of coconut cream (if I need the fat and creaminess, on days I know lunch will be later)
– 1 tbsp maca powder (great hormonal controller, it tasted a bit sweet and I like to hide it in here)
– 1 tbsp spirulina powder (go away toxins)

Once it’s blended for a couple of minutes, pour into a cup and add ANYTHING. People add granola, yogurt, berries, nuts. I add these guys:

– raw pistachios
– coconut flakes
– pepitas
– goji berries
– leftover fruit …

And voila!!! For some reason I enjoy savoring it with a small tea spoon; it does taste better 🙂


p.s. best consumed right after your morning meditation. enjoy 🙂


red lunch

on a vegan diet for the week, while staying home and taking care of my body…
raw beets with raw walnuts and lots of garlic, sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar; Mexican chilly – (red beans with vegetarian mince), and a glass of red wine
a snack of pink gala apples, raw almonds, cinnamon and cashew butter






day 7 from the hermits

While, luckily Sami has been feeling better for the past 2 days, I still decided to keep him home and baby him! What a great regression to babyhood for both of us, by the way…

I have tried to cheer up the house and while he is napping to get some writing done.



Last night we had a gorgeous dinner, and the night before a mock up “romantic night out” on our balcony.. I believe lotsa healing of the body starts with a happy and cheerful heart!



Stay happy and healthy!


earth dinner

Stoyan and I prepared an earthy, vegan meal from roots only for dinner: baked sweet potato chips, and a fresh grated salad with purple (tasmanian) carrots, radish, regular carrots, and beetroot, slightly seasoned with lemon, olive oil and Hymalian salt. Outstanding!

how we treat a cold

When you have a toddler who brings you fresh batches of viruses and Aussie bacteria, when you are coming from the other end of the world and are used to your own kind of bacteria, when you spend the day talking to people or traveling on public transportation (which in Brisbane is more like a mini holiday as I take a 1-hour ferry once a week to visit my favorite UQ campus – St Lucia), it is inevitable that you will end up with a cold!

Can’t help it. No amount of hand-washing, sick people-avoidance, and then more hand-washing will help you. Cos there is the entire predisposing factor of daily stress that gets in the way. As I said, you have a toddler, and your stress level is unmeasurable, lack of sleep – check, and all sorts of unhealthy habits start to creep in your routine…to prep you nicely for the newest batch of flu.

Guess what though? No time to lay in bed and feel sorry for yourself. So we just try to stick to a more relaxed schedule, sleep a bit more (like past 5.30 am, all the way until 6, while Sami is finding ways to entertain himself), overdo it on tea, squeezed lemon juice, tons of garlic, chillies on everything, Manuka honey, cinnamon, and fresh fruit! Oh, and don’t underestimate the healing power of good music and laughter!