the kangaroo technique

As I am preparing for my thesis I have been enjoying a tremendous amount of reads that are somehow related to the exploration of postnatal depression but in general are all about pregnancy, birth and the whole sense-making of this so natural yet Grand experience. Some of them are so inspiring that I tend to return to those sweet days from my own pregnancy and just carry on the waves of my subconsciousness.
Today I came across this amazing story about the skin-to-skin ‘kangaroo’ care hugely used and proved to be successful in Southern Africa. It is the immediate placing of a prematurely born baby on their mother’s chest in between the breasts. It has been found to increase survival rates even among really tiny and fragile babies. It is more effective than western high-end sterile hospital incubators. Through a fine-tuned process of thermo-synchrony, the mother’s body temperature falls as the baby’s rises and vice versa. This technique helps even the mother, as it increases the duration of breastfeeding. Keeping the baby between her bare breasts provides a continuity of the closeness disrupted by the birth, and possibly it may help the grieving process if the baby dies…