life cycle, lately

eat, sleep (mostly nap), coffee, shower, feed, read, write, reply, apply, snack, stretch, read, write, snack, tea, read, look into space, …, more looking into space, write, scribble, file, reorganize files, read, write, slouch, grouch, welcome, bathe, tuck, Once upon a time there was a boy…, yawn, read, discuss, nap, sweat, awake, repeat.


wake. look. breathe. get. brush. wash. floss. pick-up. smile. joke. clean up. brew. prepare. meditate. drink. eat. laugh. persuade. yell. smile. wipe. discover. play. read. cook. read. browse. edit. post. listen. look. smell. go. return. devour. sip. mourn. indulge. read. lay. close…

words from today

sunrise. too early. strong coffee. mint tea. honey and blueberries. leaving hurriedly. cafe del mar on way to Uni. revisions. corrections. references. white tea. somebody’s coffee mug in the kitchen with owls. text messages. submitted. finally. new project. excited. fresh blood. more tea. jelly beans for Sami. smiles and kisses. books and caterpillars. snap peas stir fry. brown rice and sweet chillies. wine and raw kashu. candles and warmth. cravings. chocolate mousse. good night!

likes, again

It must be the categorizing mind in me that vehemently tries to put everything under its correct denominator. I am going with it, ‘cos it feels good. So here are the latest likes:

-organic spinach
-chunky winter booties
-fat scarves
-music from Brazil
-raw almonds
-Sami’s hands (they have grown so much)
-early morning mindful meditation (currently Mark WIlliams’ and Jon Kabat-Zin’s)
-2 pairs of sleep socks (it’s Manchester!)
-L’occitane’s lavender and rice line
-brewing coffee really slowly and dreaming of the perfect kitchen where I will have a whole coffee corner, with a mill, paper rolls and an espresso machine
-yoga and actually the treadmill (a longtime enemy, which I had befriended recently)
-Anorak magazine
-matte nail polish
-recycling (everything!)
-Sami’s breath while sleeping
-work (Yes, I love what I do and cannot wait to be back on my desk)
-tea (new appreciation for herbs and spices, it must be the UK influence)
-Stoyan’s to die for cooking
-oversized bags
-oversized tunics
-the oversized love I feel for my boys
-my body art
-my grandparents
-fresh squeezed carrot juice
-carob cake
-taking photos
-France, France, France
-exciting new projects (more about this soon)

wrapping up the 2011 happy

In a nut shell, I’ve had a tough year. No time to get bored and complacent…Not because I had no successes or happiness, but mostly because I was constantly challenged by either the circumstances or by myself.
The things I am most grateful for in 2011:

-Sami’s finally with us, after an on and off period for the winter of 2010-2011, while we were attending lectures.

-I got to meet the most influential, to me, figure in the field of what I do. She is a mother of 5, a world-renowned lecturer, a grandma, a cat-lover, a true Londoner, a prolific author, and the cutest 60-year old lady who invited me in her home, baked a cake for me and drove me to my train with her tiny granny ford…all this while inspiring me tremendously.

-got a Master’s and unlike in my Bachelor’s, managed to attend my graduation. The best part yet: the 3 most important people in my life were there with me. The award for my dissertation was the icing on the cake!

-got an unconditional offer for a Doctorate.

-managed to devote more time to Mindful Meditation and Yoga.

-made two really genuine friends and let go of the mediocre relationships in my life.

-enjoyed Liverpool’s best coffee; York’s Medieval charm; French desserts, wine, croissants, and the most romantic moments of the year; Spanish tapas, Gaudi’s out-of-this-world genius, Dali’s amazing sense of humor, precision and depth; the the blessing of sun-infused pristine beaches.

-signed my first book contract, for 2 chapters. Thrilling!

-began feeling a bit homey, here on the rainy island.

-introduced Sami to the social world…nurseries, clubs and art classes and he has friends now!

-absolutely enjoyed a gourmet cuisine at home every single day thanks to my personal chef (a separate Thank you post is going in his direction).

-had my mum over for Christmas. Planning my grandparents visit too.

-was in awe for the English countryside, their academic and health system, and their perseverance in finding true happiness DESPITE the miserable weather they are cursed with.

With the year rolling away, many projects are under way, but as I’ve said earlier, all I hope for these days, is patience!PATIENCE AND PEACE …and some more of those French mornings.

Hope you all DREAM BIG in 2012.


the things i did on a do-nothing-day

1. woke up and not looked at the watch
2. made tea
3. took a long shower with nobody walking in to ask me to fix McQueen’s eyes, assist with them with the potty or wipe their behinds
4. made coffee, the long way…soaking it first with just a little really hot water, waiting for 10 min, and then adding the actual amount of water for 2 coffees
5. meditated and not looked at the watch
6. played a CD with classical music
7. read a novel. A NOVEL. not and article.
8. made breakfast, the long way…
9. did my nails
10. did not wake Stoyan up
11. watched yellow-chested birds in front of the cottage having their breakfast for I don’t know how long, not looking at the watch
12. had coffee, and then some more…
13. pampered my face with a clay mask and nobody opposed (Sami is terrified when I put on a face mask and always insists that I do not need to be beautiful any more…missing mister smarty pants right now!)
14. finally looked at the time and it was only 10 am, went into the bedroom to get my laptop and while reaching for it, I just stayed there and then I climbed inside the warm sheets…

January summary

A list of events:

-survived a 6 1/2-hour bus ride with a wild toddler on our way to Sofia
-spend the sweetest time there with Sami
-submitted a grant proposal
-made a poster for a research conference
-lost my grandma.
-read three books
-made horses and fish from plasteline
-thought Sami how to eat spaghetti, to stick his tongue out, and who John Lennon and the Beatles are
-spend a nerve-wrecking day at Sofia airport
-spend another one there 3 weeks later
-like never before
-saw Kill Bill again (yey!)
-embroidered something
-had a fight with my mum, again
-went to the theatre
-made a short video ‘2010 in images’
-had a lot of espresso, a lot
-travelled back to the UK
-spend a day in the library (what a lovely papery smell)
-made a calender for 2011, cannot wait to receive the print
-enjoyed the Manchester sun, its free-spirit and its dirty Sunday-night streets
-woke up and realized it is February…

month first on the island

Today is the one month’s mark of our life in the UK. So far, Manchester does not disappoint. First impressions are usually the ones I rely on when deciding whether something is good or bad for me. Here comes the list, yes!
1. Nature: check! amazing parks, lakes, canals, screamingly green loans, even random flowers with bright yellow, crimson colours, old old trees, and moss everywhere, even on most buildings
2. Weather: check! after the desert, I guess, everything goes. However, thanks to our never-ending luck we have had blue skies, sun and even 20’s degree temperatures. I might have to reconsider that and exchange luck for global warming. Probably?
3. People: check! Brits are positive, energetic, respectful and they do pay attention to details. Remove the first three there, and you can call me a real Brit.
4. Art and Culture: CHECK! or should I say Two thumbs up? We are so impressed with the variety of subcultures and the freedom to express your self the way you view it. And believe me, after America, you do notice things like freedom. Needless to explain, there’s no such in the States, when it comes to appearance, music, personal hobbies and interests. We have been walking around town and just breathing in diversity. The rest just comes naturally: bookshops, events, underground concerts, zines, fashion stores. No trends, no needs, no commerce. At least, if you choose to.

We are quite satisfied, I gotta admit. The magic is totally in the air. Let’s see how long it will last.

p.s. Today is rainy and cloudy, AND so beautiful.

what makes me smile or the “happy list”

In Bulgaria now…but decided to post an old  “draft” to shake off the dust in here.

  • Sami’s laughter
  • a good joke
  • polka dots
  • hot espresso
  • a good old song
  • mountains and rivers
  • Stoyan’s silhouette when he comes to bed, way after I am asleep
  • photographs
  • crispy hotel sheets
  • idiotic comedies
  • ‘tres leches’ cake
  • talking to my grandma
  • a glass of red wine by the fireplace
  • Sami caressing Stoyan’s face
  • old school psychoanalysis
  • macadamia nuts
  • my job
  • taking an early morning yoga class
  • entering the ocean with my clothes on
  • silver vintage rings
  • goat cheese with strawberries and almonds
  • that particular time of the day when it’s not dark yet, but close to
  • my friend Tina
  • Sami saying ‘mama’
  • homemade beans
  • The Office’s Dwight Schrute
  • booking a trip
  • assertive people
  • orchids and tulips
  • the smell of a new book
  • knitting
  • Stoyan’s embrace
  • old school home phones
  • champagne with pizza
  • Sami’s eyes
  • sleeping past 8 am!
  • getting a pedicure
  • frozen yogurt
  • black cats
  • a cloudy day in the desert (or a sunny day in the winter)
  • Pink Floyd
  • green tea
  • movies that move me
  • doing nothing
  • my father’s hands
  • folding Sami’s tiny shirts
  • watermelon
  • calling a friend in the middle of the night
  • small movie projects
  • my ipod
  • cheese fondue
  • my mom’s laughter

Vegas, baby, I will miss you!

Spending the most of my 20’s in sin city has been a true roller-coaster. Maybe because it was my 20’s and many things do happen in life while at that age, maybe because it is the city that never sleeps…but by the bags under my eyes you can tell I did live here! Man, the things we went through! I can just spread my mind on a table and start throwing random memories around. Sweet, bitter, sour…all tastes.

I clearly remember the day we arrived. It was dark and we have been driving from LA after 2 days of flying around the globe to get there. Bushes after bushes of thorny desert vegetation and hours of delirious state of mind could not have averted us from being amazed at the grandeur of million bright lights, fusing colors and constant motion. This phase lasted a whole  oblivious month. We surrendered to this amazement that you get when discovering a whole new universe.

*this is our first photo of America, somewhere between LA and Vegas. Let’s see what the last one will be.

Work. Day and night. It totally gave us the independence that comes with having enough money so that you don’t have to worry about your fridge ever being empty. It gave us much more than this. We could travel and explore, and do things we enjoy. We went to New Zealand and we knew that we will be back there. We touched dolphins in Costa Rica. Well, they came because they know when a woman is carrying a baby. It is an old wife’s tale, but I so believed in it. The dolphins knew before I knew.

We devoured the world with eyes wide open. And then it goes…we skydived above lake Taupo, we ate oysters in Huntington beach, we had wine in wineries along California, conceived our son in total bliss, and we welcomed him in absolute amazement; we snorkeled in the turquoise waters of  Jamaica’s beaches; saw and felt the Grand Canyon; got an English bulldog and she slobbered our lives; lay on the beach in Mexico gazing at the pelicans for hours; had sushi at 5 in the morning; went to clubs and concerts; saw “The dark side of the moon” by Roger Waters and did not stop crying during the whole show;  we had the best coffee at New York’s famous Soho; we bowled in the middle of the night in Boston; enjoyed Bellagio’s transfixing fountains whatever chance we had; dined in the most exquisite world renowned restaurants; owned our first home that we adore; slept on an island in Fiji with no electricity, water, and with the door open; had soup in a bread bowl on the pier in San Francisco; saw Sami take his first steps; visited museums, galleries, shops, but mostly restaurants; experienced all kind of exotic cuisines; traded our TV for a fireplace (a great choice); had a couple’s massage in China town, we even had our own garage sale…

We missed Bulgaria tremendously. We cried, we laughed, we mourned. We studied, worked, changed a million diapers, faced the biggest challenge of becoming parents, namely being responsible for another human being. We opened up, we evolved, we regressed. Got sick and then healed. We experienced a hell of a lot and then we got bored. We got anxious, itchy. Ready to move on.

I am so grateful for my life. I am counting my blessings.

p.s. What happens in Vegas, stays in you, for good and for worse. Mostly for good!