autumn patterns

I really enjoy looking for patterns everywhere. I guess it’s a big constitutional part of my brain that tries to find the logic in the world, to no avail. I also believe though that once one is used to the everyday mold it’s the little imperfections and cracks that make life so charming.
(Here’s your reason why I like crooked front teeth, it’s just my thing…)

what makes me smile or the “happy list”

In Bulgaria now…but decided to post an old  “draft” to shake off the dust in here.

  • Sami’s laughter
  • a good joke
  • polka dots
  • hot espresso
  • a good old song
  • mountains and rivers
  • Stoyan’s silhouette when he comes to bed, way after I am asleep
  • photographs
  • crispy hotel sheets
  • idiotic comedies
  • ‘tres leches’ cake
  • talking to my grandma
  • a glass of red wine by the fireplace
  • Sami caressing Stoyan’s face
  • old school psychoanalysis
  • macadamia nuts
  • my job
  • taking an early morning yoga class
  • entering the ocean with my clothes on
  • silver vintage rings
  • goat cheese with strawberries and almonds
  • that particular time of the day when it’s not dark yet, but close to
  • my friend Tina
  • Sami saying ‘mama’
  • homemade beans
  • The Office’s Dwight Schrute
  • booking a trip
  • assertive people
  • orchids and tulips
  • the smell of a new book
  • knitting
  • Stoyan’s embrace
  • old school home phones
  • champagne with pizza
  • Sami’s eyes
  • sleeping past 8 am!
  • getting a pedicure
  • frozen yogurt
  • black cats
  • a cloudy day in the desert (or a sunny day in the winter)
  • Pink Floyd
  • green tea
  • movies that move me
  • doing nothing
  • my father’s hands
  • folding Sami’s tiny shirts
  • watermelon
  • calling a friend in the middle of the night
  • small movie projects
  • my ipod
  • cheese fondue
  • my mom’s laughter

the romantic lack of a table

Another benefit of getting rid of stuff, including furniture has been trying to figure out new ways of living around an empty house. It has been inspiring, and quite romantic. Eating on the floor, or having a picnic in the middle of the living room is a total must for everybody appreciating a different take on things in life.

p.s. bottles of red wine are such a versatile item, besides being  the life “veritas”, a great companion and an  irreplaceable friend they are perfect candle holders, vases, they also make great legs for your food tray hence – the best table, if you need one that much!

a feast

This is what I would like to have every single day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a random snack. Buffalo mozzarella, bathing in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. I am an official cheesetarian. The fat content on this feast can feed a dozen African children for a week. And it is above and beyond my weekly allowance. I do welcome anything cheesy under certain circumstances though, such as my depressive blowouts, Sami’s tantruming, or a slow internet connection when I have to send a super urgent e-mail to work. So, bring on the negative affairs, and an extra plate, please.


This is a list. It is probably the longest one settled in my head. It evolves constantly. Not that it really changes but more things get added. I am still contemplating on whether this is good, bad, unimportant or major. However, I cannot ignore it. Maybe by putting it out there it will shrink. OK, who am I kidding?

My irks, quirks, pet peeves, pains in the tush, and displeasures list (Had to use the synonym generator and what a pleasure! Thank goodness I spared you words such as aggros, botherations, petulances, stews or even chagrins):

  • telemarketers.
  • mustard.
  • content half-idiots who think they got it all figured out.
  • spam mail, especially the actual paper mail in my mailbox. Imagine the waste!
  • weak coffee.
  • “Oh, where is this accent from? Bulgaria? Oh, how nice! So how come you picked Vegas?” THIS conversation. With the bank clerk.
  • reality shows. Do we really need to escape our own reality that much?
  • the last night game conversation. Was it REALLY that good?
  • don’t get me started with the weather conversation…I know it does fall under the umbrella of the “your kids’ school soccer team”, “what you had for dinner”, “how tired you are”,”it’s allergies”, and the very pop one “the recession”.
  • banks.
  • unwanted advises on anything, but man, the ones on how to raise my son are the absolute prizewinners.
  • impudence.
  • hairy armpits. Hey, don’t throw the what-if-they-are-2-inches-away-from-you,-on-a-hot-summer-day,-and-ON-Brad-Pitt gig on me now. I am going to have to throw away all my beliefs.
  • super hyper religious preaching dudes.
  • super hyper preaching dudes.
  • consumerism.
  • Vegas-cocktail-waitress slang. It’s a basic skills language, including mainly: cars, bigger cars, nails, houses, backyards, pools, tanning, cheap bastards, boobs, boobs, bOObs. Well, that is all actually. Been there, done that. Phew.
  • cilantro.
  • slow people and things.
  • McDonald’s everything.
  • tampons. I am VERY old-school.
  • being late. other people being late.
  • GMO’s
  • the sock-with-sandals man. It’s not just the socks, or just the sandals, nor the brilliant combo. It is the particular breed that goes with it. Then again, Brad Pitt certainly goes with anything.

OK, I will totally have to compensate with a happy list soon. ‘Cos complainers are definitely part of the above one.