Healing the mind through the body…

These past days Stoyan has been trying to comfort me through my very favorite things and activities. This thought alone makes me feel quite warm inside. It helps to acknowledge the circumstances on a larger scale.

A massage, followed by a delicious lunch in my very favorite “Go Raw Cafe” minutes away from home have been great and replenishing and made me realize again and again the preciousness of my little family.I am so grateful.

a feast

This is what I would like to have every single day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a random snack. Buffalo mozzarella, bathing in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. I am an official cheesetarian. The fat content on this feast can feed a dozen African children for a week. And it is above and beyond my weekly allowance. I do welcome anything cheesy under certain circumstances though, such as my depressive blowouts, Sami’s tantruming, or a slow internet connection when I have to send a super urgent e-mail to work. So, bring on the negative affairs, and an extra plate, please.